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Six Words

Sitting in traffic last week, I found myself behind a tattered pickup truck. It had one of the license plate frames that said "I'd rather be...". Judging from the fish stickers stuck to the back of the cab, I'm sure end of that phrase should have been "fishing". But it was tattered and the bottom half was missing. Since we were at an especially long light, and I was feeling philosophical, I thought, man, that's kind of deep. "I'd rather be." Nothing after, just "be".

On my way home from Jacksonville this week, way overtired, I was listening to NPR. They were talking about the six word novel. The story goes, once upon a time in a bar bet (as all good stories start in a bar), Ernest Hemingway was challenged to come up with a novel in only six words.

He came up with "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

With that premise in mind an online magazine challenged readers to come up with their own story about their lives, in six words. Some of the ones I heard quoted on the radio were:

- Fourth choice for prom, still overcompensating.
- I'm sorry for what I said.
- I spell god with two O's.
- Bachelor Party, YouTube Video, Wedding Cancelled.

They mentioned famous quotes too, like Neil Patrick Harris:
- Barney, Doogie, normal names elude me.

Sitting at yet another long light, trying desperately to stay awake just another 15 minutes until I got home, I thought about a famous six word quote:

- To be, or not to be?

And I thought, well
- Given the choice, I'd rather be.

That's not always been the case in my life, and I still have my occasional doubts, but I think right now, even with all the crap of the past few years, right now, given the choice, I'd rather be. That's my six words. Maybe a little hokey, but I like it.

The NPR Story can be found here:
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I’m alive, and well

My "classic rock" station on the radio has seemed to have changed their program. They now have a morning show, and they seem to have included some new songs that I would classify as Pop. I have had a difficult time finding a station I can live with. Usually I hit the little seek button and it ends up back on my original station. Lately it's been going around and around and around. On a whim I decided to try the AM stations. Surprisingly, I found a classic country one. I listen to the classic country in Jacksonville and have been envious of the station, I'm thrilled to find one locally. It's based out of Trenton, and I can't get it everywhere in Gainesville, and it often has "dead air" time, but I like 90% of the songs, which is more than I can say for any of the FM stations.

Last week I heard a song by Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews that I'd never heard before. It's a great 'getting out of depression' song

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